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December 14, 2018

Hi y'all!


This time of year is so wonderful and full of so much holiday cheer. I cannot believe it is already less than two weeks until Christmas. For those who haven't done their shopping, I thought I would still give a little advice on gift ideas. I kind of go overboard as an Amazon prime member, so I have tried and own so many fun things! I rounded up a bunch on this list that would make great (and useful) presents for others.


I use all of these regularly and the few I don't are definitely on my wish list! I broke them down into categories to save even MORE time...exactly the reason I love online shopping. I used to not be big on it but anyone else love finding the perfect gift for your loved ones but HATE the crowds and traffic that comes with it? ...


I know I do especially now that I have less time to shop! I'm also that type that would rather beat the cold and lines by staying home to shop for presents from the comfort of my own home with my fuzzy blanket by my tree. Especially on Amazon! It's easy finding exactly what I need and helpful to read all the reviews to make sure it's the perfect option for all my friends and family. And don't forget the fast shipping with prime... nothing can beat that! Also most items are returnable and it lets you know if it will arrive before Christmas.


I used to and still will buy some at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, along with some local shops, but this year online buys are really helping me cross names off my list. Now let's hope the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is in the past! Forget the crowds, forget the pushing and shoving, and forget the traffic to find a parking spot... because just in a few days, most of these items can be waiting on your doorstep to wrap up!



For the GADGET lover...




I bought this last year instead of an alarm clock because the price wasn't bad and it includes that feature along with a lot of other ones too. Now, I ask Alexa the weather, to play from favorite songs (lately a holiday playlist), and more. For someone who doesn't own one and likes technology, it's a lot of fun to get and mess around with! 




I love how it not only cleans rings and nicer jewelry, but it also cleans eyeglasses. Mine were dirtier than I even thought and this gadget was so neat to see how clean everything turned out after using it. Love it!




Now this isn't the most glamorous gift, but it's practical. This thing sure does come in handy. Whether its cleaning up a small mess quickly or sucking up dust bunnies (or dog fur) in the corner from time to time, I find myself using this a lot for fast tidying. It stays charged for a decent amount of time too! 





For the CHEF...




Everyone was very interested when I showed this recently on my story. This may be unnecessary but it really works amazing! I had perfect hard boiled eggs in no time. This could be great for those who meal prep too or if you're stuck making deviled eggs this Christmas. Kidding but not really!




I found these when I was doing research on safer utensils to use in the kitchen. It's crazy how toxic some cooking materials can be. They also look cute in a utensil container on the kitchen counter.  




Same goes for these. This is the other set I bought on my hunt for healthier kitchen utensils. They say you can't put in dishwasher but I've had no issues by the way ;) 




This is one of my most used and favorite Amazon finds ever. I invested in this size first, then later bought the bigger size too. Go read all of the safe benefits so I don't bore you and it's oven and dishwasher safe. These are made in Italy and if you know someone who loves to cook, they'll adore this nice buy.





Calling all coffee lovers! I use this often in my kitchen and do NOT regret this late night Amazon buy lol. It foams up milk to give you that latte feel and now I can't live without it.



For the DOG/PET owner...






This brush was suggested to me by other dog owners and I got it for my doodle. He doesn't shed, but I still wanted a good brush that would get ALL the hair. This keeps him from getting matted and I love it. Comes in all sizes and for cats too I saw!




I love this basic grooming kit. This is one of my most recent buys. Noah's beard has been looking amazing and I can actually see his eyes in between his trips to the groomer now! Such a practical one too, this one is.




Okay this one your dog will especially thank you for if you treated him/her to one. I always spoil mine at least so when I saw a lot of his Instagram dog friends posting Coolaroos and the low price for a big bed, I gave it a try. He sleeps on this almost every day! They come in different sizes and colors.




I love this as a stocking stuffer or for a smaller gift for a friend. This would be so cute for one who is a fur mama stuffed with candy. Mugs are always fun and I like receiving them personally!




This is one on my wish list that I hope to get from Santa. I would love a camera to spy on my fur baby! This is one of those things as a pet owner you wouldn't buy for yourself maybe because you don't need, but you would love. Snag this if your loved one your buying for is obsessed with theirs and into technology! 



For the BEAUTY lover...


This curling iron does it for you. Yep it really does! My mom wants one of these this year and people always compliment my beach waves ever since I got it. This would be a hit for a beauty lover into styling her hair often. I use mine weekly. It's a time saver too.




These are all the talk. They help de-puff your eyes, face, and even help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and overall anti-aging. These next three gifts are perfect for someone into skincare, self-care, etc. 






Same goes for this buy. These are also really popular right now to take your skincare to the next level. 





This is one that is good for someone who gets migraines as well. I was reading in the reviews before I bought it and now when I have a headache, I just use this for relief too. 





This mirror magnifies so you can see to apply your makeup even better, as well as provides the perfect lighting for you to do so! 



For the HEALTHY one...




This is amazing to use after the gym or just for back relief in general. My siblings always borrow when they come over because it feels so good. I got my bestie the purple one for her birthday and she LOVES it.




This is a calming, relaxing, and unique gift to give to someone who appreciates their health and natural products. It can be used often which is great! I use mine every week.




This strap is so nice to use after a long day of work. It comes with a book that I like to read to guide myself to use it the right way. It's also used in yoga classes, so anyone who practices would love it. 






This scrub exfoliates dead skin with Himalayan salt.  I couldn't believe how much softer and different my skin felt after only one use. It has health benefits too like potassium and magnesium included.




This is the most affordable way I have found to own a good blender that makes amazing smoothies! I used to buy cheaper ones until fail after fail. I was ready to get a decent one, but not quite a Vitamix. Found this and I have made so many successful recipes in it to get my daily nutrition.



For the FASHIONABLE one...





Sam Edelman is a brand that is recognizable and of quality to impress. These shoes come in different prints, but I own the black black/gold shown here. They are so comfortable and fit true to size. 





I don't know if it's just me but I love anything soft. In the winter especially, you really can't go wrong with giving warm socks, robes, scarves... well as long as they're not tacky ones from Grandma! This robe comes in different color options and the reviews say it all.



This object holds rings, earrings, etc. and can be used on a bed side or in a bathroom. I love these dishes personally because I'm always wearing fashion jewelry and it helps me to keep up with it. The marble and gold is chic and in too! Great for a teen, tween, young adult.





This little steamer SAVES me on trips, but I also use at home all the time too. I forgot it recently to a wedding and was devastated haha. Have had mine for years. It's perfect for on-to-go because it's small but actually works too.





I love this brand of hats and was excited to see it on their site. They look adorable for the cold. So many colors choices to pick from too! 



I will continue to add a couple more ideas, but this I hope is a great start for you. Let me know if you order and you love them! It's always fun hearing feedback and bonding over having the same stuff.



Happy Holidays again!!!



Stay tuned on Insta as always because I have some contests going to celebrate. Love you guys! Happy almost Friday.




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