"Beauty should be good for you."

Hi friends!

I know you've seen me talking about it if you follow my daily stories but I'm so excited to be sharing with you a brand that I am very passionate about (like always). Except for the first time ever I can sell and answer questions about this one for you directly. It is called Beautycounter and is based out of one of my favorite cities to travel to, Santa Monica, California. I have been asked several times by different people to try this brand and even join their mission in the past three years, so I wanted to explain my journey on how I got to this point of doing so recently and why. Not to mention, I am so excited to share with you all, since you are such great supporters always and feel like family!

To start, if you know me personally like my friends do, I actually care a great deal what is in the food I buy at the grocery store, cleaning products, dog's treats, you name it. I also care about what I'm putting on my skin everyday too. Hey, it is our bodies biggest organ! Thankfully, our society has started to care as well and more and more we are becoming aware about what companies are selling to us consumers. Are you aware?! Do you care? Everyone has their own answer.

I care because I have lost loved ones to cancer, have watched my Mom who is my BFF go through cancer treatment twice now, and have also watched friends struggle with infertility. Both can be caused by this stuff we are exposed to and are causing so much hurt in our nation these days. Beautycounter's CEO, Gregg, pictured here with me created this brand to change that. She had also lost many people and was putting harmful chemicals on her kids without even knowing. Now her goal is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. What's also cool is she is not only changing the law, but she is working with other brands to give them tips to change the industry and is so supportive.

SO happy still that her and Brooklyn Decker spoke in Charlotte recently. What boss babes! Beautycounter is a B certified company too which is not easy to obtain and means they use sustainable packings for their products. Brooklyn's company Finery was also super neat.

Anyway, let's rewind back to couple of years ago... when I was beyond frustrated with reading so much different research on my Facebook feed and bad health results in the news over and over. It was causing me to feel anxious about what ingredients were in my daily products when I was applying them, so I decided to take it in my on hands to learn some more myself.

I researched like I was in college again to figure out what ingredients and brands were actually really bad for you so I would know how to read through the ingredients on the back of products. Then, I examined the ones I used daily. I started with my face lotion, face toner, body lotion, eye makeup remover, and shaving cream.

I didn't even find the ingredients on the bottle for my Aveeno moisturizer which first caught my attention. Even though it is also labeled Natural. SMH! My Gillete shaving cream wasn't looking good either. That one included harmful fragrances again, isobutane, and a handful more in it I didn't approve. My Neutrogena make up remover? Same trend. My toner? Full of parabens. All had toxic chemicals that can be aggressive to your allergies, lungs, eyes, and again can potentially cause cancer, infertitlity, etc.

From this point on, I started to buy products that were at least paraben and fragrance free. I also actually started looking at each ingredient on my beauty products IN ADDITION to my food labels. You would think personal care products are regulated closely for us so we don't have to do this, but there hasn't even been a law passed in the United States since 1938 regarding cosmetics industry. I wish I was lying to yall haha.

I also wish I was lying when I said that in Europe, they have banned or restricted up to 1,400 ingredients that are harmful to your health and the U.S. only has 30. We at Beautycounter don't believe that's good enough and are working together to educate and get safer products in the hands of everyone. It's not just for women, but men, and kids too. There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market today and all of us deserve better. I know I may be repeating knowledge you already know but sadly, some are NOT aware of this. (Here is the list of ones that Beautycounter NEVER uses).

I scared the death out of my Uber driver the other day educating him. He and his wife us Bath and Body products daily which are filled with parabens, unnatural fragrance, BHT and BHA (sysnthetic antioxidants). Like him, if you immediately think Beautycounter is not in your current budget so you should just stick with your go-tos, I want to quickly give you a great tip! The green brand Simple found in drug stores is a great affordable option and Trader Joes has a line too that at least omit some of the main bad ingredients. Both are cleaner than other options floating on the shelves.

Truth is though, I have loved informing people around me about this a while back before I even came a consultant. For example, I had my Dad switch his face lotion because I knew the dangers and truly care. People every.single.day. for years are applying chemical based sunscreen, using Vaseline, Aquaphor, Old Spice, and going straight for big brands in the beauty aisles. It's awful too because most include stuff that could potentially lead to health issues. That's why I personally made the effort to switch but it wasn't easy and sadly I didn't go straight to using this brand!

When I began exploring more organic options which you can find at Whole Foods and in Ulta, I noticed that I was more confident what was in them, but didn't exactly like what they did for me skincare wise. My hair was too oily after washing with some or I couldn't tell a difference in my fine lines. The sunscreen was the worst switch. None would rub in well or some had a purple tint. That's when I got frustrated and decided to place a big Beautycounter order. TREAT YOSELF MOMENT lol!

In the past, I had only bought a couple items here and there from ladies I knew just to support and I was interested after seeing celebrities talk about it. I was always impressed. When I committed to finally buying a full skincare regimen and got my hands on one of their most popular products (the vitamin c face oil and the overnight resurfacing cream), I really fell in love. After another order of the charcoal bar and eye make up remover, I did even more. Now I am just so passionate about it, I've decided to be a consultant myself!

Here's a list of my favorite products if I had to pick some in addition to those!

Dew Skin- It includes spf 20 and gives you a glow, plus a little coverage. I switched to this from a similar and not so clean product Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer.

Cleansing Balm- This is removes make up, helps cracked/chapped skin, and so much more. I switched to this from Vaseline/Aquaphor.

No 3. Balancing Facial Mask-This is the only clean charcoal mask that actually works as good as the old one I used to get, Glam Glow. Really helped with blackheads!

Nourishing Cream Exfoliator-This has beads in it like some of the popular drugstore face washes that help to exfoliate. I love the way my skin feels after this! I use a couple times a week.

Glow Shimmer Oil-This is one that I ordered years ago and I am obsessed. Makes your legs shine and I always put on before photoshoots or when I'm wearing shorts or a dress out for a glow.

Citrus Rosemary Body Oil-This is my Mom's absolute favorite. She said she's never felt her arms so smooth before. She likes to mix it in with their body lotion. The NATURAL smell is unreal!

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen- This is what I haven't stopped talking about on my stories because of new studies on it entering your blood stream. Ours is also "reef safe"! It's the only non toxic one that smells good, isn't too think, and works for me!

Adaptive Body Lotion- This lotion my best friend got as a free gift for joining their Band of Beauty program and says it's her absolute fav. I also love it! I'm not joking when I say it keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Just used today.

I am going to post another follow up blog talking about this more because I know this is a lot of info I'm throwing at y'all right now. I'm just so into this stuff guys haha! I hope to teach you more about clean living in the future. Here is my site if you want to support, it would mean a lot.


Also P.S. .... can we talk about how funny and great it is that Brooklyn Decker buys hers from her cleaning lady? She is now the breadwinner of the household due to this business she said too! If you ever want to join my team and are looking for income, let's talk!

P.S.S. Message me if you want to know the perks of their program to get free shipping or just search Band of Beauty on their site to learn more. I hate not to mention it because it really is a great deal!

Happy almost Friday. Lots of love! Non toxic love haha!




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