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Seven Reasons I Love to Drink and Eat at 7th St. Market!

A lot of people ask me what is fun to do when they visit the Uptown area of Charlotte. I personally have to say, one of my favorite places to go is 7th St. Market. You have First Ward park right beside it that is absolutely beautiful and you can even take the public light rail right to the market.

1. The Atmosphere

I love hanging out here. With it being located in the middle of the city, it has an awesome atmosphere on both the work days and weekends. Patio seating is on the outside and you seat yourself casually inside. I love how it has a relaxed environment, gathers everyone of all ages, and offers all different types of food and drinks.

No matter what the occasion is, you can always find something you’re in the mood for. Here, they have quite the assortment… from green juice to sushi! It’s the perfect place for morning coffee meetings, to grab a quick lunch with your buddies on your break, or on the weekends, some brunch or a beer outside with your dog. Below are some more specific spots I suggest to try out.

2. Not Just Coffee

I first started coming here mostly to take photos and have meetings at Not Just Coffee. The popular local coffee shop has added more locations in the QC since, but at one time, this was one of their hottest ones to frequent. I still enjoy meeting friends and networking here!

I would suggest their vanilla sugar latte. This particular day below, my friend and I ordered some iced teas. One is their chai and the other one is a matcha green tea. They also have a chic bar that you can sit at to work or just simply enjoy the barista staff do their magic.

3. Rico’s Acai

I really enjoy coming here to grab a snack if I’m here writing on my laptop or out biking or walking in the area. Their bowls are a really refreshing, healthy treat! I order the “rainbow bowl” always and add almond butter on top. If you haven’t tried it, well just thank me later.

4. Local Loaf

Another solid spot that I pick for more of a meal is Local Loaf. They are known for their gourmet sandwiches and one of the most famous is called the Chicken & the Egg. It’s topped with a chipotle cheerwine sauce that’s to die for. Here are couple more menu items to peep.

This turkey burger was great and even has jalapeno bacon in it! Along with smoked gouda, roasted tomatoes, red onion, spinach, apple jalapeno mustard and is served on their wheat brioche bun.

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, check out their roasted beet salad. It’s as yummy as it looks! What’s on it? Roasted red and yellow beets, goat cheese, crispy country ham, and poached egg, with a balsamic reduction. Sometimes I will just do their homemade soup and bread here too if I’m not very hungry.

5. Pure Pizza

The next pick is Pure Pizza. I always spot a lot of people eating pizza while I’m in here too, so I’d say it’s a crowd favorite. My Mom’s go-to and now one of mine too is their hot Italian sandwich. It comes on house made focaccia with a side salad. Their balsamic is where it’s at!

6. Tank’s Tap

If you’re looking to kill some time in town or meet up with a group, there is also conveniently a place to grab some brews. Tank’s Tap has a U-shaped bar, TV, and plenty of good local beers to enjoy. Cheers!

7. The Unique Food to Shop

Last, it’s of course a market, so you can shop for specialty products here. There are businesses set up around it to buy fresh foods you can take home, like artisan cheeses from Orman’s Cheese Shop, or high quality Italian products from Zia Pia Imports.

The vibes are always chill here and if you’re close or visiting soon, I recommend stopping by one day to check this out. Enjoy!



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