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Holiday Shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods

Hey there! Hope you had a good week and happy almost Friyay. My niece is coming to town this weekend, so I am preparing for her and of course Christmas around the corner! Good news is that I am decorated inside and out. I have also marked almost everyone off my list with the help of Dick's Sporting Goods. Since I was younger, I've been shopping here with my family for presents. I am the only girl in the middle of two brothers so that is one reason why haha.

Dick's Sporting Goods has so many popular brands everyone loves and wants to own. I have always bought my sneakers, coats, and game day gear here throughout the years. Off the top of my head.. in college, I remember buying a nice rain jacket as a gift for a past boyfriend. I remember picking out and giving my Dad a brown North Face coat from all of us kids back in high school. Another year? I hit their Panthers section when it was on sale and got my brothers some really cool beanies since we go to the games together.

I also found my cousin's Carolina gifts here last year when he was accepted. They have a huge heels section and Hornets one too! It's great partnering with brands I already shop with over time and appreciate. This is one of them for sure. This holiday, be sure to stop in Dick's Sporting Goods to make some progress on your shopping list or even to treat yourself. You can knock out all different ages here and that is the best part to me.

Another good part about this place I'm really appreciating is that Dick's has started to offer even more lifestyle brands. So for example, instead of only offering athletic sneakers for the track, they also offer brands like Vans! You guys following for a while know I own a bunch of those ☺️ I love the street style of clothes that they chic and cool. Obsessed with all of the neutral outfits they had on display and check out this full fit that I picked out. I have all the different pieces linked for you besides the shoes and purse.

My favorite is the vest because its so warm and stylish. It comes in a blue color too. It would make a great gift! So would the compression leggings, hat, and long sleeve tee! I got my normal size in all of these if that helps. Note, the exact color of pom beanie is not available any longer but I found a really similar one. All of these items are Calia, the Carrie Underwood brand that Dick's carries. I seriously want all of it! I got these faux leather scrunchies recently that would make for a nice stocking stuffer. Love the basic two colors and only $12.

I am ready to share many more gift ideas with ya based off what I saw and bought. Good news is that they are constantly doing sales and markdowns inside the store and online! When I was in recently, they were running "buy one, get one free" socks and beanies. I also spotted 25% OFF some cool Columbia puffer coats. Download the free Dick's mobile app to stay up to date with the latest deals. There are so many savings that you don't want to miss.

Dick's also has a private label brand called DSG that has more of a entry-level price point. Be sure to give it a look, especially if you are wanting to stay within a certain budget. I think it's really neat they are inclusive in the sizing on this line and donate back to underprivileged young athletes per purchase. I love the zip-up fleece pullover in the top left here. They also offer payment options to ease the holiday stress such as Affirm and Afterpay.

Let's start with some more stocking stuffer ideas and smaller gifts. I think you really can't go wrong with a Yeti or Hydro Flask cup. They have a full selection of these as you can see. I think it's cool how they are stocked in not only the water bottle options but ones to keep your wine cold or coffee hot. I have received plenty of these from brands and friends, but never get tired of them. They are of such quality and I can always use one to take a hot tea to-go or head to the gym with my water.

Some other good smaller items they offer are fuzzy socks, quality gloves, beanies and sherpa blankets. They had a bunch of different styles and colors to pick from when I was in the South Park store browsing. I love the idea of putting these items together since they are all so cozy. In the winter, you can't go wrong with comfortable socks around the house and I think it's always fun to get new hats to rock. I also think a FitBit would be a nice item for anyone. They help you stay on track and look cool at the same time. I enjoy keeping an eye on mine!

You could always wow the family with some big ticketed items. These are items that are sure to be unforgettable. Whether that is a basketball hoop for the driveway, bikes for everyone to explore on, or a new set of clubs for your Dad, Dick's has all the options. I love the customer service in the store and how many employees you can turn to for help. When I'm purchasing something of high quality, I always want to make sure the staff is present and can answer any questions.

I think the big one on my list is the Theragun. So Santa, if you are reading this... 😊I mean who wouldn't want one?! They are clutch if you work out a ton, so one would be fabulous find for your fit friend or family member. Dick's also had a lot of at-home workout equipment which would be an awesome investment to the home. Such a relief that kind of stuff is back in stock.

Here's a quick list of a few other presents that I think would be a winner.


YETI backpack cooler (holds 24 cans!)

Personalized Taylormade golf balls (so special and unique!)

Nike fleece sweatpants (such a classic!)

Adidas Ultraboost sneakers (great for running!)


Nike pullover (who doesn't love a hoodie?!)

Serenity yoga mat (love the prints!)

Adidas NMD's (one of the best sneak styles!)

Bluetooth earbuds (tons of features on these!)


Nike Futura lunch bag (different colors!)

Classic croc clogs (so comfy and convenient to slide on!)

DSG twist headbands (these are adorable!)

Wilson Encore Series football 🏈 (such an essential!)

Shopping success! I think our loved ones will be excited when they open up the box to see a leading industry brand like Nike, Adidas, YETI, Wilson, etc. I don't want to give too many away but I'll share some products that my crew is getting this year. I am giving my younger brother a pair of Nike sweat shorts. I am giving my mom a black puffy North Face vest. I am giving my aunt a black beanie and my brother's girlfriend a Hydroflask mug. It's always the thought that counts but I think giving something they can use often or wouldn't buy themselves is a win.

It's hard not to shop for myself here with all of the shoes lol. They have so many I love like HOKA. If you are buying someone a pair of running shoes, you should consider them for sure. Lately these are so popular for a reason and I wear mine weekly. Well everybody, I hope you have fun searching for your squad either in-store or online. Please stay safe through all the hustle and I'll keep the Christmas content coming.

It always comes and goes so quickly. Let's soak up all the fun with the people we love the most! I know my weekend is going to be filled with it. I am going to the Panthers game, a brunch tasting, and festive activity with my man. I can't wait to see where all we take my baby niece the next couple weeks. It will be her first time ever in Charlotte. She is the superstar of the family so whatever she wants.. goes! 😍 Have a great night yall! Sending love.




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