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The Dog Friendly Dorothy Camper

Who's up for camping at the lake? Bonus... you can bring your dog! The Airbnb was only about an hour and twenty minutes from Charlotte for us. This recent trip was so fun to unplug for a couple days and enjoy the nature of Badin Lake. My doodle, Noah, had an absolute blast if you can't tell in the photos haha.

He couldn't stop smiling literally! The Dorothy camper is located inside of Badin Shores Resort. It's a gated area on this North Carolina lake and it has a lot to offer. They had community grills, picnic tables, playgrounds, a pool, a pond to fish from, and putt putt.

The resort area had a beach for laying out, easy lake access for swimming, a bar/restaurant to stop in, and more. One of our favorites parts about exploring was the beautiful boardwalk that goes along the water. It was perfect to watch the sunset and walk the dog.

We also spotted a crane, fish, and gorgeous plants along the way. On the first evening, my boyfriend and I packed a cooler of snacks and posted up with a good view of the water. Later on, we used the grill back at the camper to make hot dogs for dinner and after, watched a show.

Nothing like being a short walk away to the water... being by it brings me happiness. It was nice have the option to be able to stroll and grab an appetizer or drink at Cheers too! I do suggest packing some good food, so you can relax and indulge. We came fully prepared with all the eats and drinks to avoid wasting any time heading to the store. It was a good experience cooking in the camper!

There was a Food Lion nearby if you forget anything or prefer to wait to shop for groceries. The kitchen was equipped with any items we needed to prepare our meals. This is your reminder to pack smores stuff if you go too! We had a nice night enjoying them, hanging out on the big deck and listening to good music... Morgan Wallen, of course!

By the way, Noah loved the deck so much that he constantly wanted to go out there and play ball. It was too funny. He is tennis ball OBESSSED if you haven't seen on my IG stories. I also loved it with the string lights twinkling at night and it was calming out there in the morning. Great spot to sit with a coffee and listen to all the birds singing.

Inside, the camper itself has one bed and one bathroom included. It also had two televisions. It was decorated cozy and cute. The experience is for three people max due it's size. It has everything you need in the small space and just like the beach, you're really focused on taking in the beauty of the outdoors most of the time. When we were inside relaxing, we were definitely comfortable.

There are some local rentals to consider if you're booking in the future and want to step up your outdoor experience! Kayaks, pontoon boats, paddle boards, and golf carts are all options. They would add even more adventure to the stay of course, but there is plenty to do without them. I think next time we will rent a golf cart!

Another note for next time is that we will be making some time for hiking. There is a lot of gorgeous scenery around here, so I wished we had more of it to discover new trails. If you are into hiking, there is the Wharrie National Forest nearby and it is full of them! The host has great recommendations and this was one.

You may be wondering how I found out about this affordable getaway from the city. The owner of this camper lives in Charlotte. Her name is Katie and she is a big dog lover. She has a passion for rescuing dogs and I met her a while back when speaking at an event in Camp North End. I was honored to be able to come check this out and looked forward to this all winter after we discussed partnering.

Overall, I loved this country camper. It was a neat opportunity to getaway to a different part of the Carolinas. It was special to connect with nature, disconnect from social media, and to soak up the sunshine with my loved ones. It was even more special to bring my dog along and show him somewhere new to check out. We usually go to Lake Tillery which isn't too far away, so this was different for us.

I appreciate staying at new places always and especially ones that have sweet little details. Katie had sunscreen, aloe vera, solid TV channels, coffee, tea, and more. She is also timely with responding if you have any concerns. If you have any questions at all that I didn't answer, please let me know and I'll be glad to pass them along to her.

Here is the link for booking and to read more about it! This is exactly as it was described online and had reliable wi-fi set up if you needed to work at all. Have a safe rest of the summer for now. I can't wait to keep sharing my daily life, favorite finds, dog friendly destinations and any new travels with you along the way here on QueenCityChic. Thank you so much for reading as always. Goodnight!!

Xo, Rachel


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