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Aillea Favs!

Hi dolls! Wow it's DECEMBER. It's offically time for Christmas cheer! A little over a year ago, I ran a $100 gift card GIVEAWAY with the beauty brand, Aillea. I am SO excited to be doing it again tonight on my Instagram page. I hope that the lucky winner can use this money to help clean up their beauty routine, especially if they haven't had the time or the money to replace some items.

Nontoxic ingredients can be found in many, many products on the shelves sadly. I love sharing similar ones that work well and without all the chemicals! I can't wait to give one of you the chance to go shopping and explore all the amazing items within this store. I know clean beauty can sometimes be expensive but everything in Aillea is made up of ingredients you can feel confident about.

No need to search labels or feel concerned when you're applying it everyday. For me, I think that is a huge relief and can go a long way. I don't know about you but I think it's crazy there hasn't been a major law passed in the U.S. since 1938. Europe has such high standards when it comes to beauty that they eliminate1,400 dangerous chemicals. What about the United States? 30 😑

Our bodies almost immediately take in lotions, foundations, etc. to the blood stream but ok don't get me going y'all haha. I'm not perfect but I really try to consider what I use on the reg! ICYMI I actually am a consultant for Beautycounter (another clean brand) because I am that passionate about what goes on my body and others. I want to inform people that may not even know their favorite moisturizer could be made up of harmful substances.

Although, Beautycounter is sold online and will have just a few storefronts that pop-up. Those are almost always in big cities like New York or LA so when I heard Aillea was opening in Charlotte, I was THRILLED to support. They don't carry their products but it is fun to test out other options on the market. Also, Beautycounter doesn't produce all the beauty products I use so I love to check out other like-minded companies for options!

A lot of the ones that I've grown to love over time are all found in Aillea. These bonus bags they offer are an awesome way to sample some major brands without committing to a full size. It's also awesome to be able to stop in to shop these brands. They are made with sustainable packaging, organic ingredients and it's convenient if I'm in need of something. You can find Aillea in Park Road Shopping Center! I don't really go to Sephora and Ulta that often anymore for my products, so its fun to be able to pop in this gorgeous store.

I know some people could care less about what is in their lipstick or added to their bath body oil, but this is a great addition to the city for those that are informed and do! 💁 For about four or so years, I have been becoming more and more aware about what goes in the things I reach and my dog's food included. I especially look into the products used daily and often.

If you are too or want to eventually do the same, then I think you'd love checking this out. No worries if you aren't local to the QC! Aillea has a solid online store and other locations in cities like Denver and Charleston. They even offer facials if you are in need of one and I had the honor to recently try one out! I loved how glowy my skin looked leaving and it was nice to know that the entire time everything she used was made of clean ingredients.

Wow they smelled sooo good too! I left there looking more refreshed and my face felt so much more hydrated. Aillea also offers waxing and can help you level up your beauty game for sure. I have a feeling you'll easily be able to spend the gift card with how stocked their shelves are with amazing options. But just in case you are overwhelmed or want my advice on what to *add to your cart*, I've rounded up 10 items I highly suggest and use from here regularly.

These are nice ones to treat yourself to this holiday if you are doing some self-care, make-up, or skincare shopping. I think they would make a great gift too. I feel like anti-aging is all the talk so these are definitely some ideas for the friend or family member of yours that's interested. Perfect for a lover of at-home spa nights paired with a jade roller or facial steamer. To read more about these ten and to shop, you can click on the numbers below and they're linked for you! These are in no particiular order. I'm obsessed ❤️


This is the sanitizer in my car right now that I'm always using. There is also a zesty organic body wash they make I love and it lasts for months. Pairing them together for a present would be cute!

I always enjoy applying this resurfacing mask. When I purchased it after reading lots of reviews, I was excited to give it a go. It turns out I also see it's results and the bright blue color is fun!

This olive derived oil is a game changer when it comes to hydration for your face. It immediately improves dry skin and the overall texture.


This is one of the first products I picked up here and I've been loving it since! They carry a few other types if you don't have colored hair. I've sampled the Hydration kind and it was good too.

I notice how much this calms my eyes in the mornings and helps me look more rested. This product really soaks in nicely and improves the appearance of dark circles.

I don't know about you but I do not like a sticky gloss. These are oil based ones that go smoothly on your lips. They make them feel soft like satin and would work well as a stocking stuffer!

This mist plumps and prepares my face for serums and oils. It is great to apply before them. I will keep one with me in my purse to spritz throughout the day if my skin is in a dry phase.

This is one of the first products I switched out of my routine because I noticed my detangler was filled with awful ingredients. I buy this in the travel size and pack with me to use post-showers!

I love when bronzer gives that fresh sun kissed look. This one blends and goes on well.

It gets five stars for a reason and love that it is under $30. I always do a lip scrub then this mask before I hop into bed. This is another find from here that I bring with me on trips.

It was hard to only pick ten of these because there are a lot more I want to share with you. If you aren't familar with any and go to try, let me know what you think. I get a ton of messages about the Innersense conditioner because it really is that great. I think that is my favorite if I had to pick one from the above.

Recently, I gifted my best friend that is always traveling a mini size in her 30th birthday present. She said she is now obsessed! This mud cleanser is also really gentle if you need something light and purifying. I loved being able to share more on this topic with yall and can't wait for all the gift guides hitting the blog soon!

Like always, it was so fun to be able to share more with you on some of favorite finds. Let's have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year with glowing skin and hydrated hair. From serums to hair masks, this company has you covered. Visit their site to learn more details about them and the holiday bonus bag offer that is out right now. Mwah! Good luck!

Xo, Rachel


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