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Fink's Jewelers

Hey everybody! Wow Christmas is around the corner. 10 DAYS away to be exact so I rounded up 10 Gift Ideas from Fink's Jewelers! I don't know about you but I have been nonstop. I hope to soon sit back to relax and enjoy because it is my favorite time of year. I know I've posted some already on my Instagram about Fink's Jewelers this month, but I'm so excited to share even more about this jeweler on my blog.

Are you looking for a gorgeous, unique, and sparkly gift to add under the tree?! I am going to dive deeper into some more great gift ideas from here for this Christmas. I had so much fun shopping around at both their Birkdale Village and South Park Mall store.

If you are looking at jewlery as a present for your loved ones, this is the place to go here in Charlotte. They also have some locations in Virginia and Tennessee. Click here to the find the one closest to you. When you do make your way to Fink's, I suggest grabbing a coffee or champagne to start and browsing around.

The staff is amazing and so kind at both of the stores I went to. They will be glad to show you and pull anything out of the case to get a closer peek when you're hunting for that perfect present. If I found any of the pieces that I'm about to share under the tree from Santa, I would be beyond delighted. They have different price options of course, whether you are trying to splurge on your special someone, or stay within a budget.

After rounding up some of my personal favorites, I realized that there were two brands that I gravitated to. Both are really my style... Roberto Coin and Sabel Collection. I am going to list ten of my favs here in no order that I found quite lovely. I mean... what a round-up!! 😍 I linked everything that is available online directly to their website to show more details and pricing.

5. 18K Yellow Gold Earrings (Roberto Coin)

6. Gold Bangles (Roberto Coin)

8. Gold link necklace (Roberto Coin)

9. Diamond hoops (Sabel Collection)

I hope you enjoyed my Fink's wishlist for gift inspiration. These all stood out to me. They also had plenty of big and beautiful diamonds that did too haha! Take a look at this rock. I thought the selection was amazing when it came to fine jewelry in this store. Have you ever been?

The staff is really helpful to answer any questions you may have about anything you are interested in. In fact, I had a direct message come in from one of my best friends growing up when I shared my recent partnership post with Fink's. He just picked up a Rolex for himself here last week and said he also loves their customer service. He has been coming for over two years and this made me happy to hear.

As you can iamgine, there are so many pretty options to see in the store. Thank you as always for reading. I hope you are taking care during this busy season. Sending love to you and your family! I will continue to share gift ideas for all the last minute shoppers. Goodnight!




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