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Photo by Spa Thyme

It is always neat checking out natural beauty products and especially ones that were made locally! On my Instagram stories, I was mentioning how during the wintertime, lip scrubs are the perfect fix to dry lips. I personally use one all year long because I love to clean them right before I apply matte lipstick or gloss.

I shared the kind I use which was “Lip Strip” by Laura Geller. In response to this, I got a handful of messages on how to make my own with ingredients right at home, like sugar. I also received one from the owner of Spa Thyme offering that I try out her handmade ones…Of course I wanted to!

All you do with scrubs is apply some to your lips, rub them together, and rinse with warm water to exfoliate. I loved the kind “Sweet Honey” and how baby soft it made my lips feel and next I definetly want to check out the “Gourmet Coffee” one they make.

Best part about these? All-natural ingredients once again! The chapsticks also help make your lips super soft and have fun flavor options. I loved “Toasted Marshmallow” and “Peppermint”.

This company makes more than lip products too! You can find scrubs for your whole body, in addition to balms, soaps, soaks, and masks! They are all perfect to treat yourself with to relax.

When I have the time at night, I enjoy sitting in a calming bath with a candle after a long day. Their “Thai Coconut Milk Bath” is so nice to soak in or if you’re more into bubbles, I also enjoyed the “Champagne Bubble Bath”. These make such great gifts!

Photo by Spa Thyme

I admire this company because the components they use to make these bath products are a lot healthier than commercial ones. These days, some of the top companies fill them with synthetic perfumes, artificial colors, and chemicals that could have long-term effects.

Instead, for example, their pure soaps are made out of oils (coconut, olive and palm), and liquid goats milk. They are also made of oatmeal which helps to exfoliate the skin. I tried the “Vanilla Oatmeal” soap.

If you are interested in adding some of these into to your beauty routine, shop visit the local 32 Flavors Boutique off of East Blvd in Charlotte or the website:


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