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Stepping into Spring

Hello sunshine! There are so many fashion trends out there always, but especially when it’s the start of a new season like it is spring, so I wanted to narrow down ones that I am actually into and invested in. It is always the best when the weather heats up and you can finally find the motivation to dress cute again or at least that’s me by the end of the winter. I’m always over the same jackets and jeans by February/March … ready for rompers and dresses! Couldn’t be happier that the suns out now though, so here are some fashionable looks to take out on the streets.

  1. Sneakers with a dress

The look to pair a feminine dress with sneakers is popular lately and I dig it! The one I’m wearing here is so adorable with ties on the sleeves that I found at Express. I decided to wear it with some all-white Adidas for a casual, cute day look. Add some edge to a dress next time by pairing it with your Converse, Vans, or some similar looking ones you have in your closet.

2. Bamboo bag

These bags are all over Instagram. We know this and if you didn’t, now you do haha! I have to say though, I am loving them. They give such a neat spring and summer beachy vibe. Plus, they are fun to dress up an outfit with. I also like the round straw ones that I’ve also seen in a lot of stores lately and want.

3. Cut-off jeans

Funny but true - I am always wearing these since my legs don’t quite have a tan yet but they are cooler than regular jeans. I personally think that flare cut-offs make an outfit look so chic too. Here are a couple of my recent looks to get a good idea of how to style them. Shoe wise I would say go for slides or sneakers again, but they definitely work with heels!

4. Gingham print

This print is everywhere but it’s still absolutely adorable to me. I own it in a skirt and also tried on this Target top to share with y'all on my stories that you may you remember. This pattern can seriously be found in pants, rompers, bikinis, dresses, you name it! Are you team gingham?

I also wanted to share since you may notice in a photo sometimes that there is a heart in the bottom corner. It has to do with an amazing fashion app I’m thrilled to be on now called Please download it and follow me if you want to get inspiration from my daily style because it is completely free. It’s crazy because you can instantly shop my outfits and sometimes even through a screenshot that brings all the details right to your email inbox. Super cool and high-tech huh?!

I also wanted to mention these platform sneakers above because they go great with these four styles and I am loving them comfort wise. Hope everyone enjoys the start of this season and of course stays on trend with these four tips!



Photos by @saycheeseclt

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