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4 for Fashion & Blue Hem

As you may have seen on Instagram, I recently teamed up with three other amazing fashion bloggers in the Charlotte area to create a style squad called "4 for Fashion". It's been so fun already to show off looks from local businesses we love, especially since we all have different taste in clothes. We are also all different ages and stages in life, so it's been neat to connect. We partnered this time with the store located in South End, Blue Hem, and I am so excited to share with you more about their premier denim shop.

I'm excited because I don't know about you, but I am so in love with a good pair of jeans! I am especially in love with a pair that fits just right, which is easy to find here with their selection of designer brands and helpful staff. Denim is something I wear every single week and is such a closet staple for me, so I am willing to invest in a nice pair.

Hey, I rather have one high quality pair that washes well and fits me perfectly, than a bunch of ones that don't. I've shopped at Blue Hem for couple years now and my purchases have all held up amazing when it comes to NOT stretching out, shrinking up, etc.

It's also more convenient here to shop than search online or through Nordstrom departments. They are always so knowledgable when it comes to suggestions on what to try-on. Some of my personal favorite brands they carry are 3 X 1 and Joes Jeans. The frayed, high waisted shorts I am wearing here, are James Jeans, another premium denim company they carry.

The other ladies of the group rocked long jeans instead of shorts and I LOVED their choices. We all paired our Blue Hem picks with a simple white shirt, accessories, and shoes of our choice to show some of our personal fashion sense off. Laura of Smart Southern Style looked amazing in her Joe's Jeans with some chic rips in the knee. Her leopard heels were adorable to dress them up.

Side note, if you take a peek at the store in these couple photos, you can see how beautiful it is in there and did I mention they even have jeans for men too? They also have Charlotte t-shirts by the brand Glory Days Apparel that they sell, which I find super cool, since I love to support small businesses here in town.

Back to our B.H. favorites! Barbi of Southern Blonde Chic looked amazing in her classic, darker blue pair by the brand 3 X 1 that cuff at the bottom. It's always nice having a color of skinny jeans this shade because I find they are better at night time if you are going to an upscale restaurant or event, but still want to get by with wearing denim.

Last, LauRen's look (pictured below). Some of you may recognize her from the radio station Kiss 95.1! She has a blog called All the F words too. LauRen went the complete opposite direction of Barb with an edgy and extremely ripped pair.

I also personally loved these, since I am obsessed with destroyed denim! These are the brand Mcguire. Although, no matter what pair we all found for us, we were in love with the feel of them and could totally tell the quality of them from the first try-on.

Interested in checking out Blue Hem for yourself?

Their website is:

Walking into Friday tomorrow with these big smiles! Hope everyone had an awesome week.



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