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Prime Time

Let's talk primer! For the ones reading who aren't that into makeup, you may not even know what I'm talking about when I mention that word in the beauty context. Basically, primer helps to set up a good base on your face, lids, or lashes to make your product last longer and go on smoother. It helps to get rid of the creases in your eyelids and also improve the overall texture for applying your foundation, shadow, or mascara!

It also really helps to keep your product in place. There are different types of primer to help control skin problems like large pores, redness, dryness, or oily skin. Most days, I just use a face primer because I'm not doing full on makeup. I love how it makes my foundation go on smoother and gives me extra hydration on top of my moisturizer. Whenever I do a full face for an event or shooting photos, I apply primer to my eyelids and eyelashes too.

It comes in handy to lengthen my lashes so I don't have to wear fake ones and also to keep my glitter eyeshadow on my lids cheeks, so they aren't shiney! I saw how much they truly made a difference after receiving a sample at Ulta back when in I was high school. I have added this step into my makeup routine ever since!

I'm going to fill you in on some fantastic primer options to add to your routine too if you're interested and the good thing is they even sell them at drugstores! I can't wait to share which ones I personally love to use, have tried, and why. But first, just remember that you put on primer after you moisturize and before you apply any makeup to your face. The same goes for eyeshadow and mascara, apply the primer before you put on any other product. That may be obvious, but it is something important to note!

There are some splurge options and ones that will save you some bucks, so I'm going to be sharing both!

Starting off with FACE PRIMER:

Options Under $15

This primer creates a perfect canvas on your face to apply makeup. It minimizes shine in the process and will leave your skin feeling angel soft.

This primer's main focus is to keep your skin hydrated before and while you are wearing your makeup. It is a lightweight, non-oily product that helps keep it feeling smooth and helps even out skin tone.

Looking to hide pores while wearing your make up... instead of enhance them? This might be your new best friend. This primer helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and once again smooth things out!

Splurge Options

This product is perfect if you struggle with redness! I have used this for years and just recently changed the past year to #2. Obsessed with the feeling of all Smashbox primer... it's so silky and soft feeling.

I am currently using this product and my favorite thing about it is how hydrating it is! It contains coconut water and probiotics, leaving your face feeling healthy and dewy fresh.

This primer is more like a gel and is known to improve your skin's radiance. It also preps your skin perfectly for applying foundation and powder.


Options Under $15

Lightweight and crease-proof, this primer keeps your eyeshadow bright on your lid. I love it and am so glad I stumbled across it at Target one day.

This primer brightens the eyelids first and helps keep your product in place so you're photo ready all day.

This has a nude shade to it that dries clear and lasts from day to night. This primer intensifies eyeshadow color for a brighter look.

Splurge Options

I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows, so I tried their primer thinking I would love that too. Spoiler alert... I do! Everything you would need in a primer, this product has it. 24-hour wear, crease-free shadow, helps create more vibrant colors and smooth application. This is the one that I currently use.

With a convenient applicator for quick and easy application, this particular primer helps prevent oils from creasing your eyeshadow and creates lasting color instead.

This primer is the trick of the trade for long lasting eyeshadow wear. It works well with both cream or powder eyeshadows while decreasing smudging and increasing color intensity.


Options Under $15

This is the perfect addition to your favorite mascara to intensify your lash look. Not only does it nourish your lashes over time, it also helps make lashes more bold and beautiful.

Struggle with mascara clumping? This primer might just be the fix! It glides and evenly coasts your lashes prepping them for easy application when it's mascara time.

This tinted primer preps the eyelashes for a bold, lengthening and thick finished look.

Splurge Options

Featuring micro-fibers and Vitamin E, this one adds length and volume for a more maximizing look. I use for my lashes now and it totally looks like I have on false ones combined with my favorite mascara!

This primer comes with an ultra-thin applicating brush that helps separate each eyelash. It glides on smoothly, evenly, and helps to lengthen your lashes even before mascara.

I love this brand and their mascara, so its only right this primer gives a lot of volume to your lashes. The white-tinted formula enhances the black effects mascara and creates a bold and voluminous look!

All of these will get you on the road to smoother faces, vibrant eyelids and longer lashes! I hope you use this blog as a guide for the perfect primers to make your make up last longer and look more fresh! It's such a great tool to use for that, well, that and setting spray.. but thats a whole different blog topic haha. Thanks for reading, beauty queens! Until next time and feel free to drop some more beauty ideas to cover in the comments!



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