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Metrolina Medical Spa

Hi beauty queens! Like a lot of people these days, I am obsessed with keeping up with skincare and I recently tried some new things to up my game at Metrolina Medical Spa. I had to write about my experience and share because I am seriously in love with the results! After my appointment last week, I was very pleased with how clear, clean and bright my skin felt. I tried their new Dermal Infusion, a mask, and followed it all up by bringing home a handful of solid products to add to my routine.

This medical spa is located in Rock Hill, SC, so not far out of Charlotte and not gonna lie, I am already planning my next visit back. I loved their aesthetician, Dana, and we talked about in the future doing some dermaplaning to remove facial peach fuzz or a peel for some extra glow. Of course I'll continue to keep you updated and for now, I can't wait to tell you all about my first time there!

So what is the Dermal Infusion treatment?

It's the perfect solution for many skin problems you might experience. It helps reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, congested pores and so much more! The neat thing about it is that it is not just for the face, it can be a complete head-to-toe experience. This skin-rejuvenating treatment helps improve the appearances of cellulite or stretch marks, extreme dryness of your hands or feet, and any skin damage or discoloration. It can also help those that suffer with acne of their back. Hooked to try already? Yeah, I was too!

photo credit: Envy Medical for Dermal Fusion

Dermal Infusion has their own line of serums that were created with advanced skincare science. Their serums are specifically designed to infuse your skin specifically with more of what it may need. Dana suggested for my skin the Vitamin C and the Ultra Hydrating one. She also explained how many serums are not advanced enough to move past the skin's protective layer to where it will have the most effective impact, but Dermal Infusion's serums CAN! The four serums are:

-Vitamin C

-Ultra Hydrating

-Skin Brightening

-Pore Clarifying

This is the only skincare treatment that has 3-in-1 technology that can penetrate the skin before the protective process takes place. Because of this, your skin will experience treatment at deeper levels than ever before, and trust me, it will thank you for it! Mine did. Not to mention, the suction on the tool during this removed so much makeup that was stuck deep in my pores. This liquid started off as clear. GROSS right?

After, I had the honor to try a jelly face mask they just got in from a brand they recently started carrying called COSMEDIX. It smelled amazing like pineapples and soothed my face SO much post-treatment. I was showing a lot of redness (which is normal for fair skin especially she said) and I was very impressed how quickly it helped my skin tone down.

I was also gifted some Cosmedix Skincare products to take home to review. I'm a little over a week in using them and so far I'm loving the Radiance serum and Pure C. The Pure C is more like a powder vs. a crystal that you just mix into the serum. Oh, and I'm pumped to try these two masks too! They were too harsh the week of treatment on my skin so I'm going to be testing one of these two out tonight.

The products Dana picked out for my skin were the following:

-Pure C "Vitamin C mixing crystals"

-Detox "activated charcoal mask"

-Glow "bamboo brightening mask"

-Radiance "age restorative serum"

I was in need of some good serums and I can always use an awesome mask! I love trying different ones too. Overall, I really enjoyed learning more about skincare here in general. I am happy to try to answer any questions you may have about my visit or go ahead and give Dana from Metrolina Med Spa a message/follow on Instagram. She was the sweetest and truly loves her job. Dana had bad acne for years, so she take a lot of pride helping others feel confident! Highly recommend booking time with her.

Last, in case you missed the memo, I was giving ONE FREE DERMAL INFUSION TREATMENT away with them! The final winner will be announced on my Instagram story tonight, so stay tuned. I'm so excited!

Hope everyone is having a great week. Halfway to the weekend!



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