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Mother's Day with Belk

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the ones out there. Whether you are a fur mom, an expecting mom, a mom to a newborn, or a mom to a child no longer here with us. Maybe you are trying so hard currently to become a mom, or miss your mom..(I sure do miss my Mom and Dad's mom)... Just want you to know that you are so loved and thinking about all of YOU today! I know that it may not be all flowers and as picture perfect as Instagram seems on this day for everyone, so that was on my heart today.

Mothers truly are such a gift to us. They are so nurturing, wise, selfless, the list goes on and on. What word would best describe your Mom? One word I would pick to describe mine is STRONG. That is why I especially loved this bouquet I picked from the Belk flower wall because it was perfect for her.

When I went to their pop up event in Uptown, I wore this blue and white shirt dress with pair of white slip on sandals from Belk. Isn't this striped dress with a tie and white Sam Edelman shoes adorable? I found both at their location in South Park Mall. I am in love!

[Here is the link to the shoes if you're interested in shopping and they do fit true to size. I own them in the tan too! Due to the comfort and how well they hold up with a lot of wear, they are worth the money to me personally! SHOP HERE]

I can't wait to wear this outfit again. It was the perfect day look and I had the best time seeing our community gather to this area set up at The Betchler Museum of Modern Art which is on S. Tryon St. The point of the flower wall was to share the love throughout our city and was in honor of Mother's Day. I mean how cool was this idea? It totally was a success!

I can't even explain how beautiful it was in person. Here is a close up of the flowers that they handed out. They all had different inspirational messages in them and were completely FREE to take! They of course didn't last long and I'm sure made so many people's Tuesday.

Let's show our Mom's some love today and if you are one, then go on and treat yourself! You deserve it. Today, I went to church and am so excited to go to dinner with mine at one of our favorite pizza spots. Nothing fancy, just quality time which I love. I got her a couple gifts from the local shop Paper Skyscraper to open too. Hope you enjoy your time today with yours and squeeze her extra tight for those who don't have the same privilege. I love you all!



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