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I was so excited when I first heard that Custom Ink was coming to Charlotte and now it is officially open! It's in an awesome area right in Park Rd. Shopping Center by the restaurant Midwood Smokehouse. Custom Ink is also available online to work with too. If you haven't heard of it, it is an American based retail company that creates super cool custom apparel and products. For example, t-shirts, hoodies, pens, water bottles, cups, etc.!

I couldn't believe how many options they had to pick from when I went into the store for the first time. They even had organic shirt options which I admired and on their site, I saw they offer big brands such as North Face, American Apparel, and Nike. This concept is so neat and perfect for churches, sports teams, or business owners. It can also be great for those who are spreading awareness, fundraising, or just want to design something of their own to wear around!

Although, if designing something really isn't your thing, no worries at all. Custom Ink has a collection of prototypes to pick from to make it easy for you and your group. Personally I was so impressed with how mine turned out and the fact they get it back to you in SUCH a reasonable time...Random fun fact but I used to be t-shirt chair for over 100 girls in my college sorority days.

It was a fun position to have and I enjoyed it. The worst part probably was being asked several times when the shirts were going to in HAHA! After holding that title, I also know the importance of timely shipping, being able to find quality items to print on, and working with someone creative who can assist you in your design when you're stuck. I loved how Custom Ink meets all of these needs.

Having the store front here in town makes it easier to be able to create an item too! You can feel the texture of everything and don't have to guess how the color will turn out. Quickly I wanted to fill y'all I on the process of how my two shirts came to be in case you are interested! I came in with an idea of what I wanted to create, but D.J. at Custom Ink really helped make it happen and quickly too.

He led me through it and gave me his honest opinion. So to start, after looking around the store, I had spotted a neon pink tank on display I knew right away I wanted to use it. I also knew that I was going for a Charlotte theme (of course) lol. So, we started looking through their amazing template options, and found the skyline image. He suggested adding a circle around it to make it pop.

Then, I suggested adding a thick black border around that. We both agreed that the black and white on pink looked simple and good! Next, for my text, I was stumped and appreciated the help. I was in between Native, Charlotte Native, and a couple more options. After going back and forth and sampling different options, I found the final design I loved.

As far as the doodle shirt, it was also an easy and similar process! I knew I wanted to design one for some of the Charlotte Doodle Romp group members we are friends with. So, we found a cute golden doodle sketch online I adored and he requested for approval for the image. In no time...they approved and we were good to use it.

I decided to do a jersey style t-shirt for my second one and picked my saying "Sup Dood?" Then, he showed me a lot of fonts. They had so many good options, it was hard to pick! It was not a bad problem to have though and I loved how updated and modern their options were! How cute do they look on all these ladies? They also commented how they're super soft and how much they love them which made me happy as the creator!

I was so excited to share this brand with you all and support it. It's so fun and also the founders have a similar story to mine! They were working jobs after graduating and then got the bug to be an entrepreneur and open up a company with their friends. Now, it is still growing and has been ranked in the top 20 retailers to work for by Fortune. Gotta love stories like theirs! I worked for a year or two doing social media marketing before I decided going full time with Queen City Chic.

The whole process was flawless designing these two shirts and I highly recommend. Here is their website if you're interested in checking it our further. If you go and create your own, please share with me! I would love to see. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend everybody. Love you guys!



Photography Credit:

Becca Jones Photography

Deeana Kourtney Photography

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