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Blackhawk Hardware

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. I am going to start back to writing on my blog more because I don't know about y'all, but I have been home a lot more this 2020. I'm honestly getting quite used to it! I am currently loving making additions to my townhome and spending a lot of time outside grilling, working on my garden, doing my daily dog walks, and reading on my patio.

My patio is one of my favorite areas of my home to make improvements on right now, so it makes me happy to lay out and enjoy the beautiful weather, birds, and just take in all my summer blooms. It's also a great friends to over friends come hang with COVID going on. When I have been leaving and shopping, one of the places I have found myself going to a lot is Blackhawk Hardware. They have everything I need and more this summer. Also since I moved in last year, I've been going frequently for various home items. It is located right in Park Rd. Shopping center!

I am always in that area but in case you are not, their store is right near Co and across from the Not Your Mom's Donuts shop. I love so many things about this place and every time I go, I seem to discover they carry something that I think they would NOT. For example, my favorite pool float this season is from there. It is multi-colored, glitter filled and so adorable!

I also find gifts here and when my loved ones ask where I bought it, they are also sometimes surprised to hear it is from Blackhawk Hardware. They have so many different items inside the store you wouldn't know of if you haven't been in there and not to mention, the most beautiful selection of plants in their outside and inside garden area. I could spend hours browsing around both.

In case you aren't familiar with this brand, I'l fill you in on some things they carry I love! Off the top of my head, they have tools, dog supplies, grill supplies, outdoor planters, wind chimes, bird accessories, bathroom accessories, organizers, tumblers (cups), coolers, towel racks, YETI coolers, knobs, napkins, greeting cards, and sooo much more.

One of the top reasons I love it so much? It is really neat to me that they carry basic things you need but they also carry Charlotte t-shirts, Charlotte kitchen towels, and cool Charlotte brands overall. I bought a matcha type of Cloister Honey here and think it is neat that you can find such unique, local companies like that on their shelves as a hardware store. So different from Home Depot and Lowes!

They also carry some original sauces and spices that my Dad, brother and I love. I couldn't believe it when I saw they had Ogre of our many favorites! I also just got a grill recently so purchased a lot of my Weber brushes and accessories here to keep it in tip top shape. Blackhawk had a better selection than Amazon did and I do like the option seeing things in store too.

However, if you don't want to/feel comfortable to go in to the store right now, they do have other options to shop too. If you prefer to do curbside pick-up or shop their website online, they also offer those which is nice especially during this time of the pandemic.

Speaking of nice, they have some amazing employees that work here! They are really helpful and I appreciate the fact there is a friendly face to answer a question or lead me to the right area, since it is such a large store that offers so much. It is a family owned store too which makes it even more special to shop. For example, they have had employees that worked there years and years ago in high school or college and now their children are working there! So cool.

I will have to say though that I think this is my favorite employee out of them all.... I mean how cute is this dood hanging out by the registers?! Noah (my doodle) also loves coming in here with me and before COVID, they also served free popcorn. Such a fun experience!

What else shouldn't you miss here? Their plants! Another positive thing about the pandemic has been my growing plant collection. It took me months to realize that they have a little indoor part that is separate from the store and outdoor garden center. So glad I did because it is filled with indoor plants, pots, and unique planters like these bird ones. How cute would this be as a present for someone who just moved in or a plant lover like me?!

Their outdoor garden center is also stocked full of gorgeous flowers, water fountains, and accessories for your yard. They have every color and size planter you can imagine. You find this part of Blackhawk located to the right down a little flight of stairs (if you're looking at the main entrance).

Another addition to the store I visit is their Blackhawk Key Shop! You'll see when you walk up to their store front. There was a key shop (where Not Your Moms Donuts is now located) that had been a major staple in Park Rd Shopping Center for almost 30 years and the owner passed on the business to Blackhawk.

So, there is now a cute little key shop connected to Blackhawk Hardware that has a convenient window access. I have used it a handful of times in the past and never had any issues. They do house keys, car keys, you name it!

With the next season approaching us and as I continue to work on more home projects focused inside, I know I will be back here real soon. Also this Fall, they will be finishing up their current renovations that they are working on. Blackhawk Hardware will have a new downstairs space with even more fun products and aisles to explore in! I cannot wait.

Photo Credit: @Blackhawk Hardware

Let me know if you stop in or have been going here for years too! I would love to hear any good finds you may have discovered. One of my most recent purchases was a Corksicle coffee cup. I will be sure to share the new updates of their space when they are done too! Hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about this company owned and operated by Charlotte natives. I give it a thumbs up!

Happy Friday Eve!



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