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Glamping in AVL

Hi everyone! How is your week going? I've been having a little lower back pain as of last week. I think I hurt something in the gym and it's finally getting better. Other than that, I am having a great one! I am still enjoying the fall in every way here in the Carolinas. It's the magical time of year when the leaves are bright, football is going, beanies come out, loved ones are close, sweats are on repeat and s'mores are on my mind lol.

In one big run-on sentence, those were some of favorite things about this season. As much as I love it, it gets really busy so I was looking forward to my visit to @glamp_avl. I went with my Mom at the beginning of this month. It was nice to travel up there to slow down and get cozy!

Of course, it's also an awesome time to see the trees changing and explore the city of Asheville. If you've never been, it is full of talented chefs, craft brews, fabulous art and handmade gifts. It did get a little chilly the last day but overall the trip turned out to be AMAZING! I'll never forget it.

If you are looking for a place to stay in this area, I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind Airbnb. I am very grateful to have experienced a lot of unique things through my Queen City Chic account. Now, I'll be adding GLAMPING to that list. Honestly, I've always wanted to stay in a dome like this after seeing one on social media.

I mean heck, they are perfect for Instagram content and you have a beautiful view 24/7 out of it. This particular one is in the North Carolina mountains. I was thrilled when the owner reached out months back to tell me about this property and the opportunity to review it for yall.

He lives in Matthews, NC and created this dreamy getaway space recently. It's about two and half hour road trip from Charlotte not bad at all! Like I mentioned, I invited my amazing mama AND I got to bring Noah along for the ride. Yep, it is a dog friendly one! Such a relief. I do not like leaving my dood at home! If you can't tell, he comes with me everywhere.

Noah loves to look out the window at home so he had a blast looking outside of the dome. It is located in Fairview, NC and it was an easy drive to Asheville. It was only about 10 minutes away from the local grocery store and restaurants which was nice. They had a pizza place to grab take-out, a little coffee shop to grab morning lattes and muffins, and a few more options all close-by!

Glamp AVL also has a grill to use outside and a hot plate in the kitchen so that is something important to note if you want to pack groceries! In addition, they have a fire pit area and wood you can simply Venmo them for if you're using it. We ended up grabbing some water and snacks the evening we got in at the Food Lion to have. One thing I would do over is I wish we would've planned meals out even more. I didn't want to leave since it was such a cool space 😂

My Mom and I decided to pick up some yummy sushi and soup one night to go back to the Airbnb and enjoy the sunset. We got super comfy after exploring downtown AVL all day, then watched a movie on Netflix! It was so fun to snuggle up with my pup and have a girls night together.

She has been visiting my bro recently in California and down at N. Myrtle Beach alot, so I have missed my best friend! I loved spending time there making memories. Whether you are a family, couple, or few friends visiting, I think this spot to stay is fitting for all. It was really clean and relaxing.

I worked from there while we were in town and appreciated the fast Wi-fi they had. It was a solid getaway to get inspired and focused if you have some work to knock out. They have more week day availability of course like most on Airbnb!

I felt really thankful to WFH here for a couple days and all the decor details were great for photography. I loved all the little touches like this adorable basket for the hot tub towels. It's located right outside of the dome (next to a nice hammock) and you overlook the mountains in it.

Next, I don't even want to get started because I could go on and on about Asheville food haha. There are too many places to mention that use fresh ingredients and have original menus. I'll have to do another blog on those options. I did want to share two places worth adding to your list in this one tho! I have been to both a couple years back but returned this trip to make sure they were still delicous. Oh and they were!

The first is a restaurant called Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack. It is a great lunch place to hit when you roll in or out of town. If you like fried chicken and Southern eats like I do, you're in for a real treat. I love the different flavors of sauces they offer whether you like it spicy 🌶 OR not at all, Rocky's has you covered. Out the plain, mild, hot, Rocky's hot, and Rocky's extra hot... I tried the mild and hot. So delicious!!

All of the sides are too and don't overlook their specials. My Mom did the "soul bowl". It came with two chicken thighs with green beans and mashed potatoes. Then, it was topped with chicken gravy and served with a biscuit. The sides I did with my meal were the fried okra and corn pudding. Highly reccomend! Don't sleep on the Coca-Cola cake either. This was their West Asheville location.

The next is a tea house called Dobra Tea. It is such a homey stop to warm up and chat. I love the vibes in there with lots of plants and a waterfall. When I saw organic hot chocolate on the menu, I knew I had to have it! They had a handful of different flavors like lavendar and salted caramel but we stuck with the classic. It was insane NOM! I will be coming back this winter for another.

I really enjoyed sharing this short but sweet mountain trip with all of you. I also enjoyed running the giveaway where we gave one of you a free night!! I wish you all could've won and hope that one day some of you can go see it for yourself! Here is where you can find all the info to book if you are interested. Let me know if you have another questions for me and I'll be glad to answer or send to the host. I can't imagine how gorgeous the spring would be.

As always, I linked the looks that I wore on the @shopltk app. You can follow my page (same username @queencitychic) to find all my styles. This was my favorite outfit from it! Some of the pieces are from last year so I found some similar ones for you. I always love helping you shop to save time and stay tuned for my gift guides coming soon full of suggestions! I also have a Thanksgiving post that will go live this week. As always, thank you for the support!

Take care,



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