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Holiday Gift Guide with Blackhawk Hardware

YAY! The holidays are here! It is crazy that this year flew by even with us all slowing down. Some days lately, it is overwhelming to think about the changes that will come this Christmas 2020. Not seeing certain loved ones, going to certain events I'm used to... the list goes on.

But so does my list of blessings. I am so grateful for so much including this online family. So first, whether you are celebrating near or far from yours, in person or through facetime/zoom... I hope you are able make the most of it this month! I am also grateful that we can at least do things still like look at lights and give gifts to our loved ones. I love finding presents for my friends and family each year!

I know buying them from small businesses/local is very important this one especially with all that has been going on. Blackhawk Hardware is owned by Charlotte natives and it is FILLED with brands based here that make cool items like hot sauces, honey, t-shirts, spices, and more.

It is nice to shop online, but sometimes you can't beat the feeling of going out shopping this time of year. I felt super safe in here and their staff is just the best. So kind and helpful! They were handing out peppermints the day I went to browse around recently.

Blackhawk Hardware looks gorgeous this season and is full of Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, sleds, Santa hats and everything you can imagine for the holiday. It is also the perfect place to go if you are looking for somewhere that has different options for different people on your list. They also had a lot of festive outdoor displays I saw too if you still working on your yard.

If you aren't familiar with it, it is located in Park Rd. Shopping Center. Feel free to check my last blog post all about it to see more of their store and what they offer! I love it here, love rounding up gift ideas for y'all every year and love shopping haha...So I'm excited to share my first gift guide of December!


These candles are so popular for their smell and they are pretty looking too. If you've never heard of Capri Blue or the "volcano candles", they are amazing. I have two of them in my home. They also had dish soaps and hand creams that probably smell unreal too! I want to try.


I think kitchen towels are an adorable gift and even if they already own one, no big deal! I got my Mom one with a quote she loved one year and I've also personally received a couple about dogs and queens. They had so many- holiday themed, Charlotte themed, and humorous ones here.


Lots are enjoying their spirits around the Christmas time and winter to stay warm. These glasses are a cool way to! These make drinks look like a restaurant. Perfect buy for a whiskey drinker or cigar smoker!


A weighted blanket for your eyes?! This is a gentle pressure sleep mask. It promotes better sleep and helps relax your mind and body. Great for a new Mom, big napper, or someone who travels often!


These come in big options and smaller ones that would make great stocking stuffers. Wine not treat your bestie, significant other, neighbor, or whoever your favorite wine drinker is to this neat filter?! It helps to skip some side effects like headaches, congestion, and skin flush that come along with wine.


Mugs are another thing that I think are perfect (like the dish towels) because you can't have too many and also cute when to gift an item that is funny and thoughtful. It would go great with some tea, hot chocolate, and maybe some fuzzy socks too as a little set.


This is one thing I am hoping to receive this year if Santa is reading 😉 This is one of top cast iron brands! Great gift for anyone you know that loves to cook or is building their kitchen collection like a newly married couple or new homeowner! I really appreciated nice skillets and pots when I graduated from college as Christmas gifts too.


These Warmie boots look so cozy! My feet always get cold in the winter around the house and these look adorable to help. They provide comfort, warmth, and a spa-like feeling since they are microwavable and lavender scented. Read some awesome reviews on these too!


I love these cups and think they would pair great with a bottle of wine for a gift to one of your "drinking buddies"! So many colors and sizes to pick from of Yetis here. They have a solid selection!


We gift puzzles a lot in my family. I think they are even more appreciated this holiday season since everyone will be spending more time in the house. Love this butterfly one in the jar!


These are beautiful for the bedside for your sister, Mom, girlfriend.. Would be even better with a piece of jewelry included. I love combining items for gifts. These were found in their bathroom decor section which is one of my favorites here with all the marble and gold accents in it.


So many cool Carolina objects are sold here from graphic tees, kitchen towels, coasters, ornaments. I love these state boards for someone! Very unique.


I think it is sweet to collect items like ornaments and nothing is better than receiving one from someone you love. I started putting up my own tree about 3 years ago and my personal collection of them. Getting them out each year and remembering the memories that came along with each one is so heart warming. A couple of my favorites in-store were this labradoodle and Charlotte one.


My friend owns one of these and my dog uses it when he comes over to play in her backyard. Perfect pet owner gift! They come in different sizes and definitely come in handy when yours has muddy feet from the park or weather from a walk.


This is what you can get for that person that has everything lol! Hey everyone is in need of this! With things getting worst... it isn't a bad idea for a coworker, sibling, or friends if you exchange small ones 😂

Hope you enjoyed that quick round-up of 15 items. There were so many more I had my eye on.


I also have to share the good news for all my other dog owners out there! Blackhawk Hardware just recently finished their expansion to their pet section so if you need to treat them to some items, you'll have to check it out. It is so nice... endless toy, treat, and food options! A really nice, new refrigerator was installed for certain foods too.

Another addition! They now offer a 10 minute bath (starting at $10) that includes shampoo, conditioner, flea treatment, and a blowout. This new dog wash station is amazing and gives instructions to you the whole time you're using it. Find the iClean dog wash on the main level of the store!

A lot of you that follow my stories know that I use and love the Stella & Chewys dinner dust as a topper for Noah's dry food. He is picky so I always sprinkle this freeze dried goodness over his. I found TWO NEW flavors I've never seen of it here at Blackhawk... Duck and Bacon! Noah has been eating the duck right up and it is his new favorite, so I will for sure be buying more for him here! (He usually eats chicken or beef kind).

So basically any shopping for humans or pets you need to do, don't miss Blackhawk Hardware in Charlotte this season. Also again, if you are still decorating/hosting at your house this year they have a TON to pick from! I had a blast and got into the spirit even more just looking at it all.

Thank you for reading as always. I'll be posting another gift guide soon so stay tuned for that. Until then, also stay safe and take care of yourself! I hope this helped you think of some presents for those on your list so you can maybe start to relax...

Have a great week and last, I have an exciting surprise! We are going to be giving one lucky winner a $100 GIFT CARD here to shop on us. Make sure you look out for the Instagram post tonight to enter.

Lots of love ❤️,



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