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Holidays with Blackhawk Hardware (Part One)

Hi yall! Hope you had an amazing weekend. I always say that time is flying but I really can't believe November and Thanksgiving are here. You know what that means? Christmas is around the corner soon after. Yay! I know all of us are getting excited and ready around our homes for the big days coming up. As it gets colder, I start to make mine even cozier to relax in and even more enjoyable for guests in town.

I love visiting this local company when it comes to prepping my place for the holidays and you may remember that I partnered with them last year on a gift guide for ideas. I am happy to say we are collaborating together again this year! Also, next month, I'll be sharing another holiday blog post so that will be PART TWO. Stay tuned for it! I love giving more details about this Charlotte business and the items they offer (in addition to my Instagram posts and stories when I'm in). It's called Blackhawk Hardware!

I could browse through this store in Park Road Shopping Center all day LONG and appreciate the helpful staff. My dog Noah is obsessed with going along to see the other doodles now too. He usually gets a treat when he makes a visit! In this Blackhawk blog, I am going to highlight some specific kitchen items I am loving. I brought these home with me from our recent trips in.

I want to show you how I use a couple of them and may even have a little recipe for you to whip up in the kitchen! With Turkey Day near, Blackhawk Hardware is a great stop to add to your list if you are still shopping and preparing for loved ones to come gather. This is definitely one of my most loved holidays of the year and of course, the good eats are a huge reason why.

They have everything you can think of at Blackhawk Hardware. I have been wanting one of these reusable baking mats to use. These help to avoid putting down tin foil or parchment paper if called for. I got one of these, a pot holder, plus themed napkins and plates for my friends coming over. Since I am making boards often, I also picked up another cheese knife to set out with charcuterie. I thought this one was gorgeous! I love adding things to my kitchen and house in general that are pretty and/or make life easier.

This place is full of those items! The mat and knife would also make a great gift coming up. For the baker, pair with a cute Christmas cookie box, hot cocoa mix or socks. The cheese knife with a bottle of wine could be adorable. But hey, back to Thanksgiving. I also picked up a deviled egg plate, egg holder for the fridge and cute pie dish towel on another recent trip here.

It's hard to pick a favorite dish on Thanksgiving but I think deviled eggs would probably be mine and pumpkin pie as a runner-up. Deviled eggs are delicious to me and can be made in so many different ways. Some love relish in theirs. Some love them a lil spicy with jalapeños or lil salty with crispy bacon. There are a lot of different ways to top off the eggs and I know one of the most popular ones is with paprika seasoning.

I personally like mine southern style with a little vinegar. Growing up, my Mom or Aunt usually make (and still do) simple but tasty ones for our fam gatherings. I'm not sure their secret but just in case I ever get the assignment in the future, I decided to make some the way I like. I think they beat the ones I prepared for a Friendsgiving feast last year!

Here is how I made them below if you want the details. With the help of Blackhawk Hardware, I found the perfect way to store my eggs AND display for them when they were ready to serve. This big plate was a beautiful way to present them all. Plus, the napkins and paper plates were looking good too. I love to host so I'm happy to own this egg dish for years. I love the egg holder too. It helps to keep things organized and is aesthetically pleasing in my fridge!

Since I was little, I have always loved snackin on pickles so of course I added those in my eggs. My Dad and I love this specific type called cornichons but you could use dill instead. I added a little bit more mustard to this but I like it more than others. You could also cut this recipe in half. I understand it is a lot but I had a group and wanted to fill this up haha. I love how you can put a lil something in the middle of this!


12 large eggs

1 TSP Mustard

1/2 Cup Mayo

Ground Salt and Pepper


Handful of Cornichon Pickles

2 TSPS White Vinegar

(Optional: bag to fill)

STEP ONE: Prepare the dozen of eggs by boiling them then peeling them. Be sure to let them cool and make sure they are dry.

STEP TWO: Cut the egg in half lengthwise and remove the inside (yolk) to use.

STEP THREE: Mash up the egg yolks until it is powder then mix in with the rest of the ingredients until smooth.

STEP FOUR: Add all into a ziploc (with the corner cut) or a decorating bag to fill up all of the eggs. You could also use a scooper to add it in.

STEP FIVE: Fill up all of the eggs with the mixture!

STEP SIX: Sprinkle with paprika or just salt and pepper...whatever you prefer. Then, top with a sliced cornichon pickle with extra flavor and crunch! Enjoy!

I hope that you guys enjoyed that easy recipe to make for this holiday or a future one. A couple other tips for boiled eggs? Make sure the eggs aren't brand new because it makes it harder to peel. It's also easier if you add in some salt and do it under cold water. I'm sure some of you know these things but just in case I want to share! I hope these add some joy to your spread.

As you can see, the towel turned out to look nice on the table when serving pie. In addition to these, the store had so many tools to make baking one easier. I was eyeing one of these dough rollers and finally invested in a glass pie pan to use for Christmas. I love pumpkin pie like I mentioned but I also love pecan. Chocolate pie is so good too! I will have to test it out soon and share on my story how I like the glass one.

They also have all the fun cooking gadgets and again, it's filled with your festive needs. If you are looking to avoid online shopping and support local when gearing up for the holidays, check out this place. They have so much all-in-one and that is why I love shopping here.

I can grab Noah his favorite treats, a card for a gift, and a tool I’m in need of all at Blackhawk Hardware. With their convenient Charlotte location, free popcorn, and the fact it’s dog friendly, I'm all for this place.

I hope you have a blessed week. Are some of you already off? I am heading to the beach soon to celebrate like last year so that will be fun. I had a blast seeing my friends at the recent Panthers game and now look forward to some family time. I hope if you are traveling, you are safe! Heres to full hearts and bellies!

Thank you so much for reading and as always, stay tuned for my next post. It will be on a beauty store actually found in this same shopping center and not far from Blackhawk. It hasn't been there as long tho. This particular spot has been there for yearsss which makes me happy to support. I also appreciate all the new additions in town!

Follow along to hear more and go give this area a visit soon for sure! Great to walk around with a coffee or friend to do some shopping and lunch together. Well, the countdown is on and I can't wait for Thursday. Take care! Wishing you all the best week and cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all of you.




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